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Use your observations effectually in projects



  • The first 2-4 weeks of your project you must observe and analyze about the different aspects of business.
  • Use your judgement how is the work culture at the client site.
  • Stakeholders generally will not be able to tell you the specific requirements, one need to be persistent in asking related questions and summarize. The best practice that helped me to be precise in collecting the requirements is, after every conversation, I sent a summary of the discussion and it helped getting more detailed requirement in written from the stakeholder.
  • Observation can happen being active (try to talk to as many stakeholders and try and understand the whole idea of the process) or passive (quietly analyzing the colleagues, project managers or any other person related to the project).
  • No, I don’t mean that you keep asking questions at an unwanted time or indulge in an uninvited discussion, please use your best judgement so people are willing to talk to you and provide information without hesitation.
  • The information you are trying to collect, needs to be analyzed first, before you reach out to your colleagues.
  • Have your goals in order to accomplish the task on time. Time your day accordingly.
  • Make yourself available for discussions with a pleasant smile on your face. A good team player is what every organization is looking for as it makes the environment easy for everyone to work in.






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