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Is there any straight answer to this question? What do we think when someone says a Business Analyst is the master of the business rules, industry knowledge or may be a Business Analyst is the one who bridges the gap between Business & IT. The question remains is how?

After interviewing my peers and pals, to my understanding the Business Analyst prepares and delivers the documents with the intricacy of project in detail. Business analyst yearns that processes and procedures falls in place at the right time to make sure the project functions smoothly.

Let’s look at the each stage of SDLC as to where does the BA role fits in?

Project Initiation:

The initiation phase, is where the problem is addressed. It is BA’s responsibility to identify the problem and analyze possible solution and bring it to the table to stakeholders.

This ii where the Business case is made. The cost involved is analyzed, time frame is decided, and manpower is looked into etc, etc.

Business Case is the master document for the project and the Business Analyst keep referring to.

Project Analysis:

The project analysis is the phase wherein the BA will define the Business requirements in detail and stating the problem to be resolved i.e objective of the project.

The BA will also work with the Design Architect to come up with the blue print of the project what will be the solution should look like.

The solution design and the detailed requirements together will be actually guiding the human resources involved in project.

Project Development:

The development phase is most critical for the BA as it takes a BA to step up and schedule the daily meetings with development team, design architect. The development of the project is perilous if it’s not monitored as the whole project can be at risk of not delivering what’s expected.

Project Testing:

The testing phase is kind of match-up phase of the requirements with the expected solutions. The BA has detailed knowledge of the project by this time. Hence, he/she is the best person for to judge of the solution prepared as per the expectations of stakeholders.

Project Implementation:

It is the time when BA can see any fall backs or things missed to put them in place.

As a conclusion, the Business Analyst is a navigator, who is responsible for reaching the end destination with success in hand of the whole team.


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