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1. What is a good requirement?

2. How will you handle difficult users?

3. What are the challenges you encountered during the project?

4. What is difference between BRD and FRS?

5. What are the components of BRD? Uses cases are included in BRD?

6. What are the tools you have used to document user stories? How will

the changes in the requirement effect the user stories which are

already documented?

7. Give me an example o0f middleware?

8. Give me an example how you used sequence diagram?

9. Can you explain the process flow of your latest project?

10. What is regression testing?

11. What are UATs? What is your approach towards UATs?

12. What kind of data modeling tools you have used?

13. What are the components of activity diagram?

14. Explain the process of using Quality Center while doing testing?

15. What is unit testing?

16. How will you write a use case? What is included in exceptions/how

will you document exceptions? Give an example

17. What is a trade filter?

18. What are your consideration while developing the UI? What was your

contribution on the UI development?

19. What is your best project and why?

20. What are your additional responsibilities as PM?

21.What is a custodian bank?

22. What is equity, bond, and commodities?

23. What is corporate action?

24. What is global custodian and sub custodian? Why will you have a

global custodian?

25. What is SWIFT mt 595?

26. What is the process of settlement?

27. How do you joins in table?

28. If you have to merge two tables, how will you do that using SQL?

29. What kinds of servers you used in your project?

30. What is commission recapture?

31. What is soft dollar?

32. How will you distinguish between soft dollar and hard dollar?

33. Explain in detail the web application you developed?

34. How was the user benefited from the application?

35. What were some your main requirements and how did you approach

them? Explain from technical perspective.


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I’m a software developer, why is this business analyst on my project?

In a lot of people's minds, the primary role of the business analyst is to translate the requirements of the business application into something a developer can understand and explain to the business what the developer is trying to say.

Naturally, this translation process can lead to a lot of confusion, which is one of the reasons a lot people think being a business analyst is a thankless job. In fact, frustration with business analysts is running so high that companies that make application development tools have been telling developers that they now have modeling tools that essentially eliminate the need for the business analyst. In this scenario, a developer can sit down with business executives directly to model the application and automate a lot of the underlying code development.

The tension between business analysts and developers goes back to the beginning of the computing age. It will be interesting to see as developers become more business savvy, how many of them will want to engage directly with the ultimate user of their applications. At the same time, it will also be interesting to see how far a business analyst can go without the aid of a developer.

All of this got me thinking about the BA reputation with software developers and how they might improve it. Although Business Analysts love to think (or expect) that software developers care about the bottom line of the organization, it’s natural for every person, regardless of how noble and unselfish, to look at things from the perspective of, “What’s in it for me?”Or, to put it another way: What exactly is in it for a software developer working with a BA?

Have you faced similar challenges within your own IT organization?Or someone who agrees with the point that it is really up to the BA’s to show the developers what they bring to the table......

This is an open forum and I would like all of you to share your thoughts and begin a trail of discussion!!

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