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Interview Tips to help you get the Job

An interview is a final step for selection to any job. Eligibility for giving interview means that the candidate have right aptitude and knowledge for the job, he has required knowledge about the subject. A one-one communication in the form of interview makes the decision final that whether the candidate should be selected for the job or not.

Different types of interview sessions

1) Questions asked on the basis of your CV and past academics background.

2) Interview by a number of people where the candidate is pressurized by asking number of question during the same time.

3) Interview on doing and explaining some task on some traits like leadership, management etc.

Preparation tips for interview round

1) Read your resume completely.

2) Prepare question which can be asked by the interview panel. Questions related to your academic records and your hobbies are generally asked by the interview panel.

3) Read about the organisation for which you are interviewed, go through the official website of the organisation once completely and have a look on the products and services offered by the company.

4) Rehearse your interview round, gave interview in front of your teacher or an interview expert few times before the actual interview.

Consider the following points

Be punctual - Arrive on time better half an hour earlier. Have a positive body language, good eye contact, wear neat and clean clothes.

During the interview be confident about your answers and be true and loyal to interview panel. Don’t hide your weaknesses and accept your week areas in front of interview panel. Good communication skills are essential for success in any interview, so work on your communication skills also. Interview panel may ask the candidate to write something or to draw anything, so well prepare with your stationary items as well.

All the best for your upcoming interviews. Best of luck.


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